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Instruction in Fly and Spey Casting

Let me teach you the basics or the finer intricacies of both Fly casting and Spey casting. You can incorporate the instruction into a trip or I can offer to teach these skills by the hour.

Spey casting is the fastest growing segment of the sport of fly fishing and is becoming very popular here on the Salmon River and on other Great Lakes tributaries. Let me teach you this type of casting and how it can work for you on these fisheries. Steelhead or Salmon season I typically use 13 foot 7-8 weight rod. Some are custom built rods. Often and especially during our winter fishing, when the fish do not want to move to the fly well, it is necessary to use either a sink tip or a very small piece of shot to help get the fly down to the correct depth in the water column. These rods will easily handle these loads and still allow a very good distance for our casts. They also have the softness and flexibility to protect our delicate leaders and properly play these big fish.

Traditional fly fishing can also be accommodated on both the Salmon and Delaware Rivers. I can teach you the finer points like the single and double hauls or I can start you of with the basics of dry fly presentation. If you incorporate this into one of my regular trips we would start the day with instruction and then try to target some rising fish on the Delaware River or how to present a dead drift swing or nymph under a strike indicator or a wet fly swing on the Salmon River. Depending upon the time of year and conditions we may want to focus on the wet fly swing and stripping streamers on either of these fisheries.

Phone: (315) 480-0552      Email: