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Here are some of the comments from just a few of my guests.


Tony writes:


I want to say "THANK YOU " for going the extra mile to get my nephew into his 1st steelhead. And I would of sat down and sent out the same Thank You even if we did not get one to bite. It was your kind offering to stay out longer to try and get the kid into a fish. Your dedication, with your experience ( and a little lady luck ), gave my nephew a great memory . You are a first class river guide, who I will always tell someone when they ask me for a guide to choose when fishing The Salmon River.

Well buddy once again, Thank You, TONY


Francis writes:

Wanted to say thanks for a nice trip on the river yesterday. You were very patient and I appreciate all of your help. While I would like to say I remember every part of the float, I am sure I will rediscover some of the more prominent rocks during the next few trips and leave my mark.
Talk to you soon.



Dave writes:

Hi Lou,

Just wanted to say thank you for an incredible two day's of fishing for my son's and friend. As you know we have been fishing with you for a while and some how you always seem to top the previous year experience's. your knowledge of the river, fish and your patience is obvious to those who fish with you. You have even "hooked" the non-fisherman of the family Brian, he can't wait for our next trip. My personal thanks for these special times spent on the river with you. You truly are a pro!'


Dave writes:

I just wanted to say thank you again for taking us out last Friday. We had a great time. In addition, we were able to stay on the fish the entire weekend. I was 3 for 5 on Saturday, Tom was 1 for 4 and Fred was 0 for 5.. Although Fred did have his fishing swimming around him twice waiting for a net.. but it wasn’t landed, which we kept reminding him of. LOL We fished school house and the wire hole and a brief stint in Ellis cove.
I improved my landing rate from my whopping for 33% landed to going 10 for 12 for the weekend.
Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks again and we will be calling you for the next time we come up. Most likely next winter. I'm giving seminars the next few weekends at the fishing shows, so I'm pretty busy for the time being, I'm looking to come back in March.


Claudio writes,

Hello Lou,
How are you? I hope your line is tight. I just got back to Miami and saw the nice pictures on your website. I hope to talk soon and thanks again for your lessons, you know how it goes "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day but teach him how to fish and ......"


Angelo writes
Cap'N Lou,
Thanks again for the excellent trip, I had a great time...couldn't ask for a better trip (or capN). Appreciate all of your efforts... :-)
All I have been thinking about is that last nice fish that broke off after 15 minutes, I would of loved to seen it!
Warm Regards, Angelo


Ed writes:


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for helping me out on the river.  We've talked a number of times before, and I've always appreciated your willingness to share information.
I ran into you last week at the Clay Hole again, and you helped me out with my setup and gave me a few casting lessons as well....and even let me squeeze into your hole and throw a few casts.
Most guides (even ones I've been out with before) become very tight-lipped on the river while with clients.  That's something I've always liked about you is how personable and easy to talk to you are.
After our conversation, that night I tied up some size 8 estaz eggs and decided to give some blind casting a try.  The next day I was pleasantly rewarded with a half dozen fish using this method, including an incredible steelhead of approximately 12 pounds.
I left the river that day feeling very satisfied that I finally gave blind casting a fair try.
Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I appreciated your help.  Maybe we could hook up in the future and take a trip.


Mitch writes

Hey Lou,

We are all still talking about the best trip we ever had with you last week. Thanks again for the perfect job you guys did. Already looking forward to next year.


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